Project 5

Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccination Levels

Click HERE to interact with my Tableau Dashboard.


A Tableau project looking at the COVID-19 dataset.  In this project I will looking at the global vaccination levels and tracking what the levels are based on continent, country or globally.  As an aside, I’ll be looking for any correlation between vaccination levels and GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The dataset was downloaded from Our World in Data.


The dataset contains a huge amount of information from January 2020 up to the present day.  However, the data is incomplete for many countries in the last 7 days.  I therefore chose the end date to be 16 August 2023.

The steps to complete this project will be:

1 – create KPI worksheets
2 – create comparison worksheets
3 – create filters
4 – build dashboard


1 – Create KPI worksheets

Three KPI’s have been chosen to represent the three key vaccination conditions: Fully vaccinated, Partially vaccinated and Not vaccinated.

Fully and Partially vaccinated have recorded numbers.
Not vaccinated is not recorded so to determined the percentage of people who are not vaccinated two calculated fields are created:

% Vaccinated = MAX([People Vaccinated]) / Max([Population])

% Not Vaccinated = 1 – % Vaccinated

2 – Create comparison worksheets

a. Partially vaccinated vs Fully vaccinated by Country.

Dual axis is used to show overlapping horizontal bars

b. Map showing people vaccinated per 100 by country

Colour coding is used to represent the number vaccinated

c. Svatter plot to show people vaccinated per 100 by location and GDP per capita

Log trendline is included to show how each countries GDP per capita potential impacts vaccination levels

3 – Create filters

 To enable a user to change the data displayed on the dashboard three filters are created:

  • Continent
  • Country
  • Start and End dates
4 – Build the dashboard

The dashboard displays all the sheets. The views are linked so interacting with one data point will impact the data displayed by the others.

Click HERE to interact with my Tableau Dashboard.


This was the second project to explore the COVID-19 dataset.  The analysis could be expanded to include health levels which could give some insight into the health impacts of the vaccinations.